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Hey Lovelies 

Some weeks ago my husband and I found out we were expecting another baby. Although extremely shocked, we were over the moon and excited to have been blessed with another addition to our family. We were also excited that Ella would have a sibling so close to her age and I dreamt of them being besties and doing everything together. 

Unfortunately, within days of finding out, we were presented with the unfortunate situation of a possible miscarriage. This was later confirmed as a full miscarriage and there was nothing the Consultants, Doctors or Nurses could do about it. We were devastated. 

I didn’t plan on sharing this, I just wanted a little break and thought I would go back to posting daily on my Instagram page, updating the blog and when I felt up to it recording and editing a video for our YouTube channel. However, my husband pointed out that the whole reason for starting this blog in the first place was because I wanted to talk about motherhood. Not just the highs, but also the lows and struggles. Sharing our story can help someone who may have experienced a similar situation or is also going through the same thing. This is one of the unfortunate lows of motherhood, fatherhood or parenthood and it happened to us.

I am getting stronger daily and as always my husband has been amazing. I also wanted to send a personal thank you to those of you who contacted me as they had noticed I had not posted and wanted to check on me. That really touched me. Another massive thank you to our friends and family who called, texted, came over, helped us out with Ella and tried to cheer us up. 

I will go into more detail and share my story shortly. When it’s a little easier to do so. I also plan to be back to normal blog duties or routine shortly. 

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