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Hello Lovelies

Welcome to my blog!!

My husband and I recently became first time parents to a beautiful girl named Ella. Although over the moon with my little bundle of happiness, at the beginning we did face a few challenges. The first three months felt like a haze and I still haven't caught up with the amount of sleep I lost 😄.

I needed support and found myself asking why those around me had not warned me it was going to be like this. I found myself googling everything. From how long should a baby sleep to how to know when your baby has had enough milk. I am happy to say I no longer need the answers to such questions. I have even been known to volunteer the odd advice or two.

So now that I have found some confidence in this whole mum thing, I decided to create this platform for the modern mum who might be juggling anything and everything.

I am a lover of all things home, family, fashion and beauty. My faith and spirituality drive a lot of my choices.

I created this blog to document our journey.

Hope you enjoy!
Lots of love 💋


  1. This is wonderful. You've created a platform for new mums, experienced mums and aspiring mum's to share knowledge,learn and support each other.

    1. Thank you Mimi. I thought it was important to have this platform.
      Hope you enjoy my posts!!

  2. I totally love what you're doing! You're a much needed inspiration to others! Keep it up!


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