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So it's 8pm and Ella is gone for the night. Well at least until 11:00 pm when she will wake up for her bottle and cuddles. I've just read two new books to her and it has got me thinking about a few things I'd like to share with you. 

Ama's Stories - My Family

The first book we read was a book from the AMA's Stories range. This book was called My Family by Cynthia Deluola. 

 Ama's Stories - My Family

This book is an introduction to Ama (the main character) who is three years old and lives in London. She starts off by explaining the meaning of her Ghanaian 🇬🇭  and Nigerian 🇳🇬  names, Ama Sade. I quite liked this about the book as I have always thought about how I would explain to Ella that not only does she have an English/Hebrew first name but she also has a Ghanaian middle name (Akosua - meaning a girl born on a Sunday). A great way to start would be to explain the meaning to her. 

The story was quick and easy to understand. We got to meet Ama's family and even her naughty cat 🐱 Smokey. The book's aesthetics were also quite appealing. With it's bright yellow background it has a lovely picture of Ama with her hands up on the front page and lovely illustrations in the main body of the book allowing the story to flow naturally. 

The next story in the series is Ama Goes to Dance Class.  We have just ordered this on Amazon and cant wait to add this to our collection. We will be updating you as soon as we receive and read this. 

This book is affordable at £6.99 and is currently available for free delivery on Amazon. It can also be purchased from Waterstones high street stores. 

Ama Sade

Femi the Fox - A Pot of Jollof

Femi the Fox - A Pot of Jollof was the second book we read. Written by Jeannette Kwakye (former Team GB Olympian). 

This was a lovely story about a cheeky fox 🦊.. We got to meet his friends and follow him on his hunt for some Jollof rice. 

Femi the Fox - A Pot of Jollof

We enjoyed this book as once again we could relate. Ella recently enjoyed some Jollof rice at her grandmas house and I am told the wonderful west African dish was sold on our little Ella. I quite enjoyed reading this book as it will help us when we are teaching Ella about West African cooking and culture. Although I do need to touch up on my Nigerian accent 🤣. I thought I was doing a great job but Ella did not seem to be impressed. 

At £5.99, this is a great book for your little one. Another book that can be purchased on both Amazon and iTunes. This book had wonderful illustrations by Katlego Kgabale, you could almost certainly see this as a children's cartoon. Obviously I will be auditioning to do the voice over, lol. 

A little longer in length because I think it was meant for older children but we enjoyed following Femi on his quest for jollof rice. 

Lastly one added bonus that caught my eye was at the very end of the book Femi tells us how to make his favourite dish - Jollof rice. This is great for older kids and I will definitely be making this with Ella when she is a little older. 

Femi the Fox

Both books can be purchased on Amazon and you can follow both Ama and Femi on Instagram, links below:
Femi the fox is currently holding a competition so be sure to check this out on Instagram. 

We enjoyed reading both books as the characters were relatable and the illustrations were easy on the eye. Both books are affordable and easy to purchase. Both come highly recommended from us 😊 . 

Lots of Love


  1. Ooh these both sound like great books for a child to get stuck into. I might have to add them to our own library! Fun fact, Akousia is also my eldest's middle name too - well one of them lol

    1. Tinuke you should defo add them both to your library. They were great reads. Ah snap. We both have Akosia's. Do you call her Akos for short?
      Do kids even use their middle names anymore?

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