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Today's blogisode is the last in the Travelling with a Baby Series. 😢 I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Today I wanted to come to you with a review on a travel stroller we purchased from Mothercare.

We purchased the Mothercare XSS Stroller in Black just before we went to Majorca (the day before actually). The reason why was because we were travelling with Easyjet and were not sure how they would treat our normal pushchair. Also when we returned from Annecy we had to check in our pushchair when we checked in our luggage. This was because our pushchair had two pieces instead of just the one. This also meant we had to hold Miss Ella at every stage.

Mothercare XSS Stroller

I believe the original price was £100. However, there was some sort of offer on in store that day so it had been reduced to £90. Then when we got to the till we gave our email address to sign up to their newsletters and got another £10 off. So we purchased this for £80. You see why I have been telling you to sign up to my newsletters, lol.

We also purchased an umbrella separately for £16 but didn't even use it. 
Stroller Folded up
This stroller folds and unfolds in one swift motion. It is really lightweight and affordable for its purpose. Not only can it fit in our car boot with ease but it can also fit in the overhead compartment on the plane ✈️. I was super impressed with this as this meant Ella could stay in the stroller until we got on the plane. It also came in a lovely bag that we now store the stroller in.

The stroller has a foot rest for when she is a little older. It also has a small basket underneath so we were able to put her baby carrier in there whilst we were pushing her in the stroller. This also made it easy for us to reach for it if and when we needed it.

Stroller Bag

Ella in the Stroller

 As you can see Ella was comfortable and loves the stroller. 

My only reservations are:

  1. I wouldn't use this as my daily stroller or pushchair. It is very light weight so I am not 100% sure it is made for city roads and pavements.
  2. You are unable to recline the seat so when your baby falls asleep, there is no other option than for them to sleep sitting upright.
  3. The stroller does not come with a bar which Ella is used to having on her normal pushchair. It was also difficult to put her toys in. 
Back View
Side View

Front View

Overall I would happily give this stroller a 7/10. The only reason why I wouldn't give it an 8 or 9 is that it doesn't recline and does not have a bar for her to keep herself entertained. 

Do you have a normal stroller or have you got a travel stroller? Comment below and let me know what your preference is.

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Lots of Love


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