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Hey Lovelies

Ella tried some Banana Baby Rice from Ella's Kitchen for breakfast today and I am really pleased to say she quite enjoyed it. 

The texture was surprisingly smooth and dissolved very quickly in her warm milk. I only made 2ozs to begin with just to see if she would like it. Indeed she loved it. She ate it all and she finished it with no complaints nor arguments. Lol. 

It did get a little messy though, as she decided to put her big toe in her mouth when I wasn't looking, which led to the contents of her mouth going everywhere 🤦🏾‍♀️. 

I purchased this from my local supermarket for roughly £2.00 - £3.00 so it didn't break the bank. It comes in a decent sized bag, that has a resealable fastening and the packaging is quite appealing too. 

I do want to try to make my own baby food before introducing her to any bottle or store branded food but if and when I do, I will definitely be trying more products from Ella's Kitchen. 

A great start to weaning and I am looking forward to trying some more tomorrow. 

What different types of solids have your little ones tried?

Lots of love

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