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I have been asked what I have been using in Ella's hair on a daily basis. I only use an oil mixture at the moment as she is still quite young.

Ella was born with a full head of very straight hair but now her hair is thick and I can see her natural curls coming through (I think this will happen before she is 1). My husband and I have 4C natural African hair with 70-80% shrinkage and I think she does too.

Check out what I have been using in her hair.

What you will need...

Cosmetic Bottle
An empty bottle either a single shot spray bottle or a bottle with a nozzle. This will help you focus the oil on the scalp as well as the ends of the hair.
Cosmetic Bottle with Nozzle

Coconut Oil - 70%
I use Coconut Oil for Ella's hair and skin. She had mild baby rash and a lot of cradle cap. Coconut Oil has been "bae" to be honest. It has totally cleared it all up. One of the health benefits of coconut oil in hair is that it reduces protein loss and nourishes the hair. I felt that Ella's hair needed this, especially as her curl pattern was changing so quickly.

When choosing Coconut Oil for your little one's skin or hair be sure to choose extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Holland & Barrett Natural Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E Oil - 20%
Vitamin E helps to repair and build tissue, it is also known to reduce inflammation and repair damage to the follicles. Healthy follicles encourage hair growth. Exactly what I want for Ella's hair.

Castor Oil - 10%
I used a very little bit of this to prevent hair loss whilst I was treating Ella's cradle cap. So far so good, no complaints whatsoever. 

Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Castor oil is known to prevent hair loss as well as softening and moisturising the hair. As she gets older and more active, I will increase the amount I use in her hair oil.

Wide Tooth Comb
I comb Ella's hair once a week, if that. I always make sure that if I do comb her hair it is during her bath time or shortly after - whilst her hair is still wet. I never comb her in its dry state.
Wide Tooth Comb

This mixture of oils can be used for both male and female babies.

I hope this helps.
Let me know what you use in your child's hair.
                                                                                                                                       Lots of Love

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