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Review: Tomy Toomies Ice Cream Factory

Hey Lovelies

We were fortunate enough to have been sent the Tomy Toomies Ice Cream Cone Factory. A bath toy for children 18 months and over. It came with three cones a sprinkles shaker and the actual machine turns bubble bath into foam by pulling the handle. 

Boy, did these girls have a good time playing in the bath before bedtime. Ella’s cousin Madison stayed over for the weekend and they had been going non stop for the whole day so not only was this another bit or fun for them but it also helped them to wind down for the night. 

It was fairly easy to use, although I struggled with sticking the main unit to the wall. After a few strong pushes it stuck to the tiles and the girls got stuck in pulling ice creams for eachother. The machine made the foam really stiff so I had to keep reminding the girls not to eat it. 

These girls even opened up an ice cream shop and were charging Kofi, Issa and I £10 per ice cream. It started off at £2 but it just so happened that I asked for sprinkles 🤦🏾‍♀️. What was I thinking eh?

Overall we all enjoyed playing with this, my only complaint is that Ella wants to make ice creams EVERYTIME she gets in the bath. Not sure when she will get tired or bored of this but let’s see how long it takes. 

Lots of love 

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