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Review: PacaPod Loreto Bag

Hello Lovelies

I have missed you all so much. 

I know you’re wondering where I have been. I don’t want to reveal it all in this post as I am working on a separate post to explain all in great detail but I will say that Ella is now a big sister and I am a Mamaa again to a lovely little girl named Issa.

In today's post, I wanted to share some big news/update about Ella. 

So Ella started nursery a couple of months ago and boy has it been a rollercoaster. I think I have taken it a lot harder than she has to be honest. She only attends part time (2 days a week) but the nights before we have to be super organised to make sure everything is packed and organised for the next morning. 

Although she has been adjusting really well, making new friends and getting used to her teachers, one of our biggest problems has been that when we have gone to pick her up from nursery, she is absolutely starving. Reason being, she has not been eating the food that they provide. She attends from just after 8:00am and I try to pick her up around 5:00pm. Apparently she would just about have a bit of breakfast, she would have the mid morning snack as this is most likely to be fruits which she loves. Lunch, she wouldn’t go nowhere near and afternoon tea would depend on whether she felt like it or not. So the back of my car tends to get very messy because she just wants to eat everything when I pick her up. 

So now, when packing her bag for nursery I literally have to pack everything she might need for a day, spare clothes, nappies, wipes, food and snacks. For this reason we needed to make sure her bag was big enough to contain all of the above. 

I have spoken about my love for Ella’s baby bag from PacaPod on my Instagram page, which was gift from her lovely Godmothers, however wear and tear and everyday use has taken it’s toll on our lovely bag. For that reason we decided to get a new one and I absolutely love it. 

I decided to go with the Loreto bag in Oak. As you know, I am a big fan of baby bags that look like adult bags as opposed baby bags that look typically like baby bags. One of the best things about this bag is the 3 in 1 organising system. This really helps with giving me the reassurance of knowing that her teachers will be able to find the things I pack easily and quickly. 

The Loreto bag is not only stylish but also really functional. It comes with a bag for changing and a bag for feeding. I actually think there is enough space within the main part of the bag to possibly use as a hospital bag. It’s stylish nature also allows you to either hold on your arm or adjust the straps to hold as a backpack. It also comes with attachments for your buggy if needed. 

I couldn’t speak more highly of this bag and it has definitely helped with keeping us organised for nursery. 

What baby bag will you be getting or do you have?
Have you experienced this with your little ones?
Comment below and let me know if you have any advice you can give me. 

Lots of love

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