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Review: Ebony and Hearts

Hello Lovelies

So I am super excited about this blogpost. I have a little surprise for you at the end of this review so keep reading...

Have you heard of a company called Ebony and Hearts? If not, then you have today 😜. 

So, they’re a UK based company who do stationary for kids. When I first had a look at them I thought it was just birthday cards that they specialised in but no, that’s not the case at all. Alongside greetings cards, they do notebooks and bookmarks in the pirate range, music range, princess range and fairy range. So there’s something for both boys and girls. 

I was quite drawn to this company because I do think representation matters. I think there is something quite empowering about seeing images that you can relate to in the media and in your everyday life. 

Below is an extract from their website which I think is something we can all relate to but I love the fact that they did something about it and turned it into a positive. 

“The journey to Ebony and Hearts started with a trip to the supermarket, looking for a birthday card. The shelves were full to the brim with children’s birthday cards. Despite there being hundreds of cards to choose from, very few of them had a character with black skin or natural hair. We came home empty-handed, and decided to turn this problem into a solution. We stopped complaining about lack of diversity in children’s birthday cards and got to work on designing black characters, sourcing suppliers and creating the business - Ebony and Hearts.”

There are a good number of products to choose from on their site and they make a lovely gift for an occasion. 

The products we received were the 
Boys Music Cards
Fairy Cards
Pirate Cards
Princess Cards 
Boys Music Notebook
Fairy Notebook
Pirate Notebook
Princess Notebook

My favourites were the princess cards and notebooks but Ella was instantly drawn to the fairy ones (she is such a girly girl, lol). It is actually Ella’s cousin; Avery’s birthday this month so we will be giving him one of the cards and my husband wants to give one to his friend Balogan. Lol 🤦🏾‍♀️. I told him that these cards were for children but he didn't care. 

The illustrations are simple but effective. You can see instantly what they are trying to convey. I love the message on the bookmarks “keep on reading”. Once again. Simple, but effective and also encouraging. For a small business I am impressed at the quality of their products i.e. the card and paper used. The price??? Well, the bookmarks are less than £1 and the cards are no more than £2. 😶 I’ve been purchasing cards for £3 minimum. My only question is where has Ebony and Hearts been all my life. 🤣

They even do a customised fairy pencil case. I will definitely be purchasing this, not sure if I will be purchasing this for myself or for Ella. Either or, I just loved this. 

I am really looking forward to what the future holds for Ebony and Hearts. The concept and ethos is definitely something you shouldn’t sleep on.

Now for the surprise...Ebony and Hearts have kindly given us some of their lovely products to give away to our lovely readers, but that’s not all. They have also given us a 5% discount to use on any purchase on their site. 

I will be announcing the giveaway details on our Instagram page this week so if you’re not already following us head on over now so you don’t miss out. 

Lots of love

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