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I started buying books for Ella as soon I found out I was pregnant. At work a company called The Book People Company used to come every so often and set up a stall in our Atrium. This meant that every time I would walk past or go out to lunch, I would see something and make a purchase for my unborn baby. I also remember as a child, my dad used to read to me and with me all the of the time. He always says that as a child I used to like writing stories. 

Ella loves it when my husband or I read to her. Her eyes just light up and she wants to hold the book all by herself even if the book is way too big for her. She loves changing the pages all by herself. My mum always teases her by saying "Ella, but this book will eat you up" (in her Ghanaian accent) 😂 but Ella does not care. She just keeps on going. She is very inquisitive. 

We always try to read to her before her bedtime but during the day whilst she has some play time or tummy time I ensure there are always a few book amongst her toys. I remember when Ella and I took our first train ride to go and visit Ella's Godmother and God Sisters, an old couple had been observing us reading. They commented on how happy they were to see that I was reading a book with her instead playing on an iPad. 

I think reading with your babies and children is really important. It helps to build their confidence, it develops their imagination, develops their listening skills and helps to teach them about communication. 

So you can imagine my excitement when I came across this childrens bookshop. The name of the bookshop is Childrens Books. It is a lovely little book shop that sells books for children from babies right up to teenage years. The beauty of this shop is that every book costs just £1. Yes, that's what I said. £1. Brand new books in excellent condition and great quality each for £1. When I first saw this, I thought it was a closing down sale so grabbed as many books as my little arms could carry and ran up to the counter, Ella in tow. Boy I was wrong! This is the actual price of each book they sell. They have a wide range of books to choose from and most of them are books written by well known authors. 

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I think this shop is family run business. (I've not been bold enough to ask). Each time I've been there, the customer service has been amazing. Ella always gets such a lovely welcome. The lady (I think the owner, not entirely sure) is always so lovely and welcoming. The gentleman always comes out to help me with my pushchair. I mean I absolutely love this shop. 

The shop is always very clean. Everyone is always so polite and friendly. Excellent customer service and they always have new stock. The atmosphere is just amazing. Loads of books to choose from. Which is great for us as Ella gets bored of her books very quickly. You could be there for ages. I have had a look and I don't think they have a website. However, their address is:

Childrens Books
1 Chadwell Street
United Kingdom

They are open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm...and did I say everything is £1?

If you are in the area, you should definitely pop in, say hi and have a look at what they have. 

Where do you buy books for your children? Comment below.

Until next time.
Lots of love

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